When a battery is loaded, its amperes—which are required to start the motor and cart engine—are measured. This test can identify the source of the problem if your cart is not starting.

Once more, secure the area and dress in protective gear.

Attach your voltmeter in the manner mentioned in the preceding technique.

Put your basket on a jack and lift it.

Proceed with the forward motion of the cart, activate the key switch, and slowly depress the accelerator to about 80%.

Just like a voltmeter, connect the load tester to your battery cells. As soon as the positive and negative battery terminals match, note the readings that appear.

To perform a load test on each battery cell, flip the voltmeter over, connect the positive and negative terminals of your batteries, and then repeat the previous procedure. Keep track of each result for comparison. The power and voltage of your batteries will determine the best results. For example, 8-volt batteries should be rated higher than 7.9. 6-volt batteries are another example. They must achieve a score of 5.9 or higher. A lower reading means you should replace that particular battery cell.

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