Back on the Green: Golfing After Prostate Surgery

Learn about prostate surgery:

Immediately after surgery:

Here are some key points to consider immediately after prostate surgery:

  • Monitor vital signs:
  • Pain Management:
  • Urinary catheter:
  • Movement and deep breathing:
  • Fluid intake and dosage:
  • Wound Care:
  • Monitoring of complications:
  • Post-operative instructions:
  • Education and support:
  • Emotional well-being:

Talk to your healthcare provider about:

Factors Affecting Timeline:

Some factors that affect when you can safely resume playing golf after prostate surgery:

  • Type of surgery: Less invasive surgeries may have shorter recovery times than open surgeries.
  • Personal health: Your overall health and fitness level before surgery can affect your recovery.
  • Complications: If complications develop during or after surgery, recovery time may be longer.
  • Healing progress: How quickly your body heals is an important factor. At this stage, patience is key.

After prostate surgery, are there any advantages to playing golf?

How long after prostate surgery can I play golf?

Tips for a safe return to golf:

What are the important Activities that should be avoided after prostate surgery?

Professional guidance on playing golf again after prostate surgery


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